Modifications list

My intent with this car has been to keep it pretty original, but still make some additions and mods that I see fit. I am going to keep this car forever if nothing really drastic happens in my life. So I feel ok with changing stuff, plus it’s not a 540K so I don’t feel like I’m ruining a world heritage exactly.

As you can see in the post with my car’s option list here, the first owner didn’t check too many boxes for such an expensive and high-end business saloon. So I’ve decided to fill in what I think is missing, and what I think will improve my experience.

Most of the modifications I’ve done or plan on doing are adding original equipment and options that did not come with the car. I’ve also done some non-factory mods. Most, if not all, of the things I’ve done are reversible, and the car can be put back to its original state in the future. I’ve also kept every original part that I’ve swapped out.

On this page I will list everything I’ve done, with option codes if available.

Please note, this is not a complete list, and will be updated and improved with links to post regarding the specific mod.

  • Exhaust system, stainless steel with 100 cell cat. Custom made to the car by Ferrita. Video here
  • Full Sportline chassie conversion excluding the steering box
  • Oris Mercedes-Benz original removable trailer hitch
  • Removal of side indicators, this meant new front wings
  • AMG front fender widening kit
  • Early LH computer to get wide open throttle enrichment
  • Mercedes-Benz SL “Silver Arrow” brake kit, front and rear
  • Mercedes-Benz staggered split wheels, 17″ 7.5″ front, 8,5″ rear
  • Electric antenna switch in dash
  • Residual heating
  • Central door locking button (not yet fully finished)
  • Rear seats reading lights
  • Illuminated vanity mirrors
  • AMG metal door lock knobs
  • Pioneer DEH-80PRS head unit and GM-D1004 4-channel amplifier
  • Mac-Audio factory size speakers front and rear
  • Infinity Basslink T in the trunk
  • Oddments box in front of passenger seat
  • Fire extinguisher in front of driver seat
  • V8 gear lever