Leaking intake manifold gasket, and more!

This really started with me having a problem passing the car through the emissions test here in Sweden. It’s been on the limit sometimes, passed a few times, and had really high values sometimes. I’ve changed a lot of parts over the years, so I pretty much know the engine and emission systems are in good to great condition.

So this problem puzzled me a bit, and still do to be fair. I’m not 100% sure that the work I’m telling you about here will solve the problem, but it needs to be fixed anyway, and it might be the problem all together. I discovered that the right side of the intake manifold has a small leak where the gasket meets the head. I also noted (a while ago to be honest) that the cam magnets are leaking.

Time to get to it! I’ve removed the intake manifold and plenum, split it and cleaned it. Also while I’m at it I’m cleaning everything else that I remove and since I get a really great access I’m cleaning the engine in all the places where you only get to when all these parts are off.

I will also take the time to change some vacuum tubes (all of them really) and hoses (mainly water hoses that you only access when the plenum is out) and some other bits.

The cam magnets I’ll try to re-seal, they are quite expensive new, so I’ll hope they’re still ok. If not, I’ll find out soon enough and will have to redo that job with new ones.

I’m also rebuilding the injectors with new filters, pintle caps and rubbers.

So as of today, May 20th 2017, I’ve cleaned most of the parts, and a lot of the engine.

That’s it for today, I’ll follow up in a few weeks with more pictures and more telling of how it went!



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