The strange interior

So when I bought this car, it had an interior I had not seen before. At the time, I was quite known with the W124’s, and immediately saw that the leather upholstery was not any standard issue. The pattern of the sewing didn’t seem right, nor did the color. But I was way to excited to ask the seller, and it looked great, in such good condition for an old car. So I just didn’t really care.

After a while I started wondering though, and first I thought it was some kind of special order made when the car was new, since it was in such high quality, and with no aftermarket signs at all. Every stitching, fit and finish was perfect. But after a discussion with some online friends at a Swedish unofficial forum, MBSCA, I realized that it had to be an aftermarket/non-Mercedes-Benz thing.

You see, the pattern is the same as on the W210, so many ideas came that someone swapped in W210 seats. But they wouldn’t have fit properly, and what about the rear seats? So I had to call the previous owner to get things straight. Turns out that the car came factory fitted with grey cloth upholstery, and while it was in good condition, the previous owner wanted leather (who doesn’t?). So he had a interior shop make a custom leather interior in the car. And, since this was done in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, the PO wanted the look of the new E-class, namely the W210. So that’s why the design is what it is.

The work is excellent, and the quality is great. I swapped the seat cushion on the driver’s side, and saw what work went into this upholstery. Impressive work, and I know that it will last forever. The work was done by a company in Germany, unfortunately I don’t know their name.

Clearly W210 pattern


The interior has been in the car since late 90’s/early 2000’s


I don’t think someone ever sat in the rear until I bought it


The interiour is 15 years old and has covered about 150.000 miles or 250.000 kilometers


These pictures are a few years old, I have treated the leather several times since, actually I do it yearly-ish.

The only thing I miss are seat heaters. I’ve thought about installing them several times, but I finally may (or may not) have settled on not doing it. This car will never see winter again (but it can be cold in Sweden anyway) so I’m probably not going to install it.

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