Vanity plate

Gotta have a vanity plate, right? This is mine:

Leaking intake manifold gasket, and more!

This really started with me having a problem passing the car through the emissions test here in Sweden. It’s been on the limit sometimes, passed a few times, and had really high values sometimes. I’ve changed a lot of parts over the years, so I pretty much know the engine […]

The strange interior

So when I bought this car, it had an interior I had not seen before. At the time, I was quite known with the W124’s, and immediately saw that the leather upholstery was not any standard issue. The pattern of the sewing didn’t seem right, nor did the color. But […]

Rust issues!

My car had around 310 000 km’s (192 625 miles) on the clock when I bought it. It had been driven all year around, and mostly in southern Sweden and northern Germany. That means a lot of exposure to salt. The previous owner did garage the car overnight, and he washed […]

Factory options

This is the factory ordered equipment list for my car: 240 Outside temperature indicator 281 Steering wheel with sports design (390 mm diameter) and gearshift lever in leather trim 512 Radio MB Special with traffic news decoder (VK), with RDS 531 Automatic antenna 540 Roller blind, electric, for rear window 551 Anti-theft/anti-break-in warning system 570 Folding armrest, front 580 Air […]

How it started with this car (and W124’s)

It all started out in the early 2000’s when my dad all of a sudden decided that he wanted a 300TE. That’s not something too weird nowadays, and even less weird back then. It was a fairly new car then, a 1989, so only 15 years old or so. What […]

Starting a blog about my W124

  Hello! I’ve owned the domain for a few years, planning on making a site for my enthusiast car, a Mercedes-Benz E 420 1994. And now the time has come. I’ve had the car since 2010, and done tons of restoration and modifications to it, as you will find […]